Training & Education

Sparkle in the Light specialises in the area of social, emotional and mental health and is highly experienced in delivering bespoke training & workshops to a range of different settings & organisations, including education, social care & the police.

Popular training courses delivered include:

  • ACEs, Developmental Trauma & Trauma Informed Approaches 
  • “The Roots of Resilience” – Nurturing the Resilience of Vulnerable Students
  • Supporting Children & Young People with Attachment Needs in Schools 
  • Sensory Approaches for Helping with Emotional Regulation
  • Trauma Informed Approaches to Care & Therapeutic Parenting (Parents / Carers)

Resiliency Enabling Approaches for Children & Young People (REACH)

Juliette has a particular interest in the topic of resilience and runs an in-depth training course called “REACH” (‘Resiliency Enabling Approaches for Children & Young People’).

For further information on the REACH course, please see the REACH Flyer and the REACH Curriculum.  A ‘train the trainer’ option exists for Educational Psychologists wishing to cascade REACH in their area.  

To learn more about the concept of resilience, Juliette has created two YouTube videos that you can view here. 

REACH Practitioners

REACH Practitioners are dedicated individuals who work to support the resilience of vulnerable children and young people, and who have attended all six modules of the REACH training course.  They are equipped with the psychological knowledge and skills they require to embed effective trauma informed, resiliency enabling approaches in their schools and settings.

They are encouraged to:

  1. Keep refreshing their knowledge and reading around the topics covered
  2. Maintain and fine-tune their skills by actively practicing them
  3. Reflect on their practice as a ‘REACH Practitioner’ through regular Reflective Supervision
  4. Most of all, to reach out intuitively to those who need it…

REACH Practitioners have an awareness not only of adversity and trauma, but also of the approaches that are vital in supporting young people to do well, despite their risk factors.   They are familiar with  the five main ‘Roots of Resilience’ and why it is so important to view vulnerable children and young people through a lens of resilience.  

For a free Roots of Resilience Framework to use to assess and promote the resilience of vulnerable students in schools please click on the link.  A more detailed Roots of Resilience Assessment Tool for use with students is also available. A child-friendly worksheet of the Roots of Resilience framework can be accessed here: My Roots of Resilience.  A ‘Nurturing Resilience Card Deck’ has been created to accompany these resources, and is available from Amazon soon (Routledge).

In addition, Juliette has developed a ‘Therapeutic Storyboard Technique’ (Ttofa) for REACH Practitioners to use to support a young person after a difficult or adverse event. This combines what they have learnt throughout the course, including trauma informed approaches, empathic or ‘deep listening’, attunement, cogntive behavioural therapy techniques, strengths-based approaches, and emotion coaching.

The ‘Therapeutic Storyboard Technique’ is a simple technique that can be used with whatever materials you have to hand.  You can be really creative and use large sheets of paper and colouring pens or pastels, or be more playful by using Lego or a sand tray and minifigures. With younger children, you can use puppets to act out what happened.  However, it can also be done simply with a piece of paper and a pen.  The most important thing is the support and empathy of a trusted adult.

Juliette has created some free, child-friendly worksheets that are ‘ready-to-use’ for times when the ability to be creative is impacted:

REACH Testimonial

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the resilience training…it was both amazing and informative…your passion for enabling children and adults shines through….I have learned valuable skills that will help me move forward in helping the most vulnerable children and gain a better understanding of the work I do….if only this could be rolled out to all staff and pupils!”  

– School Counsellor & ELSA

Resilience Training

One of the best training courses I have been on for a very long time and totally relevant to my role…Amazing couple of days, thank you.”

-Police Community Support Officer

Resilience Training

Easily the best training course I have done in a very long time.”

-Police Officer

Attachment & Trauma Informed Approaches

Amazing course, delivered by an amazing lady! Juliette has such an extensive knowledge and was able to share this with us, despite the limited time we had… Juliette’s delivery kept us all engaged and she was sensitive to the content and how it may affect people. We were all very sad that it ended…The course has affected the provision in all three of my schools and enabled me to offer support to colleagues and families in an informed way! Thank you Juliette!


Attachment & Trauma Informed Approaches

This superb training should be compulsory to anyone working with young people. Juliette’s passion for her subject was evident. She is hugely knowledgeable and I couldn’t wait for the next session. I only wish we could have had more!”


Attachment & Trauma Informed Approaches

Just a quick note to thank you so much for providing the training. The sessions were all so informative, interesting and enjoyable and have inspired me to want to find out more. You are truly inspiring and passionate about your work and it is clear to see you have a vast knowledge on the subject of the course. I do hope to attend another of your courses in the future, as this course stands out as my favourite to date and I couldn’t wait to attend the next session! Thank you!”

– Family Support Worker

Attachment & Trauma Informed Approaches

So interesting and inspiring!”

-Teaching Assistant